We offer expertise in various practice areas to support (international) companies, investors, shareholders and governmental bodies. We are also available to individuals who require specialised assistance in our areas of expertise.


Every company is confronted with a diversity of legal situations specific to the business world on a daily basis.

Our corporate lawyers can advise and assist you in drafting and reviewing various commercial law contracts and provide advice in commercial law disputes. We can also assist you in negotiations and represent you before courts and arbitration tribunals. Read more


In a world increasingly driven by technology, intellectual property law, ICT law and privacy and data protection law are three crucial legal areas that guide the digital revolution and ensure the delicate balance between innovation and protection. Read more

Companies and M&A

At Reyns Advocaten, we understand the complexity of company law and the challenges that companies and entrepreneurs face when setting up, managing and restructuring companies. Our experienced team of company specialists will be happy to advise and guide you through all aspects of company law. Read more

Tax matters

We advise and assist companies, organisations, private individuals and local authorities with tax questions and legal proceedings and disputes relating to tax.
We offer a comprehensive and proactive service, with expert but also easily understandable tax advice in all areas of fiscal law. In addition, we provide tax advice for the development of your business and wealth planning. Read more


If the continuity of your company's activities is threatened, either immediately or in the long term, your company faces the risk of "imminent insolvency". Avoid a bankruptcy. We can assist in the reorganisation of a company in difficulty. Together, we can ensure that your company is protected from its creditors and try to guarantee its survival. This is in the interests of everyone, the individuals, the company and its creditors. Read more

Family interests

Both family law and matrimonial property law are pre-eminently areas of law in which, in addition to the business aspects of a legal issue, personal emotions also play a major role. It is precisely then that the practical experience, legal expertise and personal approach of our lawyers are of great importance. Read more

Real estate

The real estate sector is very diverse and increasingly regulated. The accomplishment of a real estate project involves a lot of legal complexities. Case specific legal guidance for both private individuals and companies is therefore not a superfluous luxury. Read more

Criminal law and liabilities

We regularly defend the interests of our clients before the criminal court.
We have the necessary expertise in economic crime (fraud, embezzlement, abuse of trust, bankruptcy crimes, misuse of company assets, forgery of documents, etc.) and criminal tax law. Read more