In a world increasingly driven by technology, intellectual property law, ICT law and privacy and data protection law are three crucial legal areas that guide the digital revolution and ensure the delicate balance between innovation and protection.

At Reyns Advocaten, we advise and guide you through this maze and ensure that you can protect your company in the best way possible.


ICT law encompasses a wide range of legal issues related to information and communication technologies. It covers issues such as e-commerce, online privacy, cybercrime, and digital contracts. This area of law is rapidly evolving to keep up with technological developments and the complex legal challenges that come with them.

We can also assist clients in the context of collaboration with IT partners, such as drawing up all kinds of software contracts and making the right agreements with web builders and IT suppliers.


In an era of continuous innovation and creativity, intellectual property rights play a crucial role in protecting original ideas and creative expression. This area of law encompasses a range of legal mechanisms that allow individuals and companies to maintain control over their intellectual creations. This includes copyright, patent law, trademark law, industrial design rights and the right to trade secrets.

Intellectual property rights not only promote innovation and creativity, but also contribute to economic growth and competitiveness. By being able to protect original creations, individuals and businesses are encouraged to invest in new ideas, leading to technological advancements and cultural diversity.

Appropriate protection is therefore essential. Reyns advocaten offers specialised knowledge and experience in the field of intellectual property rights such as trademark rights, copyright, software rights, design rights, patent rights and protection of know-how. You can call on us for the drafting of contracts, the protection of your creations, as well as the conduct of IP proceedings. We have extensive practical experience in seizures for counterfeiting, injunction proceedings and claims for damages.

Privacy & data protection

Privacy may well be a fundamental right, but it is often the first right that is pushed aside in times of crisis. Privacy is also sometimes violated in more everyday circumstances, for example as a result of the unlawful use of your image/photo, or other violations of your privacy. Our expert team is ready to advise and assist you in such privacy-sensitive matters.

In terms of data protection, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) remains the leading regulation that almost every company must comply with. When implementing new business processes or applications, every business must take into account the strict legislation regarding the processing of personal data, in order to avoid high fines. Our specialised experts will be happy to assist you in this.

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