Every company is confronted with a diversity of legal situations specific to the business world on a daily basis.

Our corporate lawyers can advise and assist you in drafting and reviewing various commercial law contracts and provide advice in commercial law disputes. We can also assist you in negotiations and represent you before courts and arbitration tribunals.

With over 30 years of experience of the commercial landscape, we understand the language of business like no other.

Being larger than most firms, but smaller than the international business firms, the breadth of our firm and the high degree of specialisation allow us to continuously offer quality and to represent both small and large companies (including listed companies). We can also serve you both nationally and internationally thanks to the network of law firms that we have built up over the years.

We strive to provide goal-oriented and effective advice. We become involved in your thinking processes and take account of the underlying economic importance of the case. We provide pragmatic solutions and excel in clear communication using plain language.

Commercial law

Commercial contracts are at the heart of any commercial activity. We provide advice and assistance for national and international commercial contracts, in all areas that you are faced with as a business, both B2B and B2C.

A selection from our practice: sales, commercial leases, commercial agency, distribution, concessions, construction contracts, loans, leasing, renting, franchising, licensing agreements, management agreements, collateral agreements, brewery contracts, market practices and consumer protection.

We also provide advice on disputes associated with the execution or termination of these contracts, both in and out of court.

Distribution law

Our lawyers are skilled in distribution law and can advise and guide you in setting up a national or international distribution system. We help you to make the right choice, whether commercial agency, franchising, concession, exclusive or selective distribution.

We also use our knowledge and experience in drafting bespoke contracts with watertight provisions such as pre-contract information, confidentiality, protection of know-how and goodwill, non-compete clauses and choice of law and forum clauses.

In addition, we provide advice on disputes associated with the execution or termination of these contracts, both in and out of court.

Banking and financial law

Our banking and financial lawyers handle various matters related to banking law and/or financial law in the broadest sense, and in particular in connection with various forms of financing agreements, including (consumer) credit and loan agreements. Specific attention is paid to the law relating to securities, which is inextricably linked to financial practice.

Frequently recurring cases include advice on rescheduling (personal) guarantees and refinancing, recovery of terminated (consumer) credit agreements, enforcement of personal and/or business securities (mortgage, pledge, personal guarantee), cases related to third-party involvement in breach of contract in financing agreements and recovery of movable property. These areas fall within the broader framework of obligations and contract law but are also served by the particular expertise in reorganisation and insolvency law.

Individual employment law

On behalf of employers, we handle cases related to individual employment law.

Individual employment law is always about the relationship between employer and employee. Central to this is the recruitment, appointment and dismissal of staff. For example, we assist you in disputes regarding summary dismissal, reasons for dismissal, privacy, unlawful deduction of wages, recovery of overdue wages, self-employed status, employment of foreign workers, occupational accidents and other related matters.


Cash is King. We appreciate that a healthy cash flow position is an important asset for any company.

Unfortunately, sooner or later, every company is confronted with defaulters, which in certain cases can have a serious impact on the financial health of your company.

We believe that a firm and diligent debtor policy leads to the greatest chances of recovery. Experience teaches us that whoever shouts the loudest, gets their money the fastest.

Each case is examined individually, with an analysis being made of the financial situation of the other party, so that the most appropriate recovery measure from the legal arsenal can be chosen.

Contact us to obtain more information about our favourable terms for collaboration.

Consumer law and market practices

Consumer law is an essential part of our legal system that focuses on protecting consumers from unfair, misleading or fraudulent practices by businesses. Compliance with consumer law is crucial for maintaining consumer trust and ensuring that consumers are not disadvantaged by unfair practices.

Running in parallel, market practices play an important role in the way companies compete and present themselves in the market. These practices are also subject to regulation to ensure fairness and transparency in the market. The idea is to create a level playing field where businesses can compete without prejudicing consumers or gaining unfair advantages.

In short, consumer law and the regulations relating to market practices ensure a balanced and fair market in which consumers are protected from unfair practices and businesses can compete in a fair and open market.

Lawyers within this expertise

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