Dutch Desk

Dutch Desk

Thanks to the strategic partnership between Reyns Advocaten and TRC Advocaten, a law firm located in the Netherlands (near the border with Belgium), we are able to act for Belgian and Dutch clients who (regularly) work across national borders and/or are confronted with a one-off cross-border dispute.

For every company that does business across borders, we offer legal advice to facilitate this.


The Dutch Desk of Reyns advocaten was specifically developed to guide potential litigants through the legal tangle that inevitably accompanies international transactions, disputes and taxation.

The differences between the two countries, Belgium and the Netherlands, may seem small at first sight, but in practice both legal systems, as well as the practices, are very different. Sound advice, taking these differences into account, is absolutely essential in order to be able to do business in a relaxed manner.

By sharing our (inter)national knowledge and experience, we can provide you with the best advice and support in all your legal matters.

“Growth and trust, both nationally and internationally, are in our DNA. To this end, we attach great importance to long-term strategies and proactive collaborations. We extend this across the board. We have been sharing this vision with our partners TRC and Reyns advocaten for 5 years now.”


We are your partner in almost all legal matters. Working together in this way enables full-service provision. We strive to be your confidant, in order to build a long-term relationship.

You can contact the Dutch Desk for your legal questions in the field of:

  • Doing business
  • Tax issues
  • Attachment and procedural law
  • Insolvency (reorganisation and bankruptcies)
  • Real estate
  • Family interests (divorce, matrimonial property rights, etc.)
  • Employment law
  • Criminal law and liabilities

Whether it concerns a tax or commercial law issue, or a cross-border merger or bankruptcy, we would be delighted to help you.

Who can benefit from the Dutch Desk?

We can help any company that operates outside the Belgian or Dutch borders and encounters legal issues. Effective and goal oriented. Pragmatic and fast. Always with clear language! This is just part of our DNA and independent of sector and size.

Advantages of Dutch Desk

  • A single point of contact for all your business
  • Focus on Dutch and Belgian law
  • Consistent with the same DNA and service
  • Experienced lawyers

Intensive knowledge exchange is the basis

We maintain close contact with the specialists at TRC Advocaten. We share knowledge by organising “internal” knowledge sessions. We also regularly visit each other both formally and informally and together we organise workshops and seminars for our clients.

Contacts at the Dutch Desk

Our lawyers are experienced in assisting with cross-border issues. They regularly act for Dutch and Belgian organisations. You can count on entrepreneurial, tenacious specialists with a penchant for working beyond the country’s borders.

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