Criminal law and liabilities

We regularly defend the interests of our clients before the criminal court.

We have the necessary expertise in economic crime (fraud, embezzlement, abuse of trust, bankruptcy crimes, misuse of company assets, forgery of documents, etc.) and criminal tax law.

If you are a victim of a crime, we will advise you on the legal options and assist you (complaint with civil action, compensation, etc.).

With the gradual tightening of responsibilities and liabilities that rest on companies and their representatives, ensuring compliance with corporate criminal law has become an integral part of modern business.

Our criminal law unit assists companies and their managers with the necessary expertise and quality of service for both the accused and victims of criminal acts.

We will guide you through the entire process.

  1. For example, we can represent you before the proceedings (assistance during questioning, criminal complaint with civil action, etc.),
  2. during the proceedings and before all courts such as police court, pre-trial chambers, criminal court, Court of Assizes, Court of Appeal.
  3. We can also advise you after the proceedings regarding the subsequent execution of the sentence and any applications for rehabilitation.

We keep pace with the latest developments and analyse cases across jurisdictions by means of optimal collaboration with colleagues from other jurisdictions. In this way, we always achieve the best possible results, even in the most complex cases.

We have expertise in the following aspects of criminal law, including:

  • insolvency crimes such as misappropriation or concealment of assets, misuse of company assets, or failure to keep true accounts
  • criminal tax law such as money laundering, breaches of corporate tax and VAT legislation
  • (financial) fraud
  • IT crimes such as cybercrime (phishing)
  • environmental criminal law
  • employment law
  • Traffic and transport

Ensuring that you can leave your concerns, questions and worries to us is our mission. This is done by advising you in a thorough and professional manner and conducting your defence, after which you can pick up the thread of your business life without restriction.

You can also contact our criminal law unit to represent your private interests.

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